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List Building

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List Building

Listbuilding for your business is one of the best decisions that you will ever make. The most common way to start your listbuilding is with a regular newsletter optin on website. This will keep you in contact with all future and present visitors and this will help you form that most commen thread in your with your potential and existing clientèle.

List Building

List Building

 If you have the Right Audience You can never go Broke

List Building


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List Building

Oldie but pure Goldie. Still works today as well as it did yesterday.
Frank Kern’s FREE list building seminar for his Mass Control Launch (not to be confused with his new ListControl course) But this is awesome stuff. As usual

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You’ll almost certainly have heard the internet marketing community talking
about their ‘lists’ – ‘the gold is in the list’ or ‘how can I build a list’ or

The term ‘list’ is an east way of talking about a single or double opt-in
mailing list of subscribers that have agreed to let you send them information
from time to time.

This information can be just that – information. Or more likely it can be a
sales email. ‘I have a new product, here’s where you can buy it’ or an
affiliate link for someone else’s product or to advertise your new website or
whatever you like. Hopefully you get the picture.

To get people to sign up for your list, you usually have to give them
something in return – a free ebook or report, a monthly newsletter, access
to a free membership site etc. Again anything that people want and you can
provide will do the trick.

In return for this ‘freebie’ they give you their email address and permission
to mail them.
Most people now recommend using double opt-in methods where someone
submits their email address to you then has to click on another link, sent to
them in an email, to confirm it’s really them (not someone just using their
email address)

Single opt-in means that you can accept an email address immediately and
start mailing. The problem arises if someone wanting your freebie has put another person’s email address in the opt-in box on your website.

You could theoretically get into trouble for spamming in this way.
Which is why I and most marketers use double-opt in. It’s safer but you lose
a percentage of people who don’t bother to confirm their address.
Strangely enough most gurus recommend double opt-in but actually use
single opt-ins themselves.

Go figure.
The little opt-in boxes you see on sites where people are asked for their
email addresses are usually provided by mailing list management companies
(also called auto-responder services) such as Aweber or Getresponse.
I use Aweber –
and can’t really comment on other services.

List Building.



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