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How To Install JW Player Plugin

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JW Player Plugin

JW Player Plugin

JW Player Plugin

I have found this video on Youtube about installing the JW Player Plugin on your wordpress site. This gives you another option when it comes to embedding videos from any video hosting company’s. You will find this player easy to use and you can have fun with it. It comes in a free version and an upgraded paid pro version.

JW Player Plugin

[jwplayer config=”Affiliate Marketing Homestead” mediaid=”1486″]

http://www.carlvanderpal.com WordPress Video Tutorial: How To Install JW Player Video Plugin for WordPress. The JW player plugin will either show a flash video (if they visit using a desktop or laptop) or a html5 video (if they visit your site with a smart phone / device such as an iphone, ipad, blackberry etc) based on the visitors browsing device.

It also allows you to set a video still, so, make sure you utilize it to make people play your video.

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The JW Player 5.9 release is another step in establishing the JW Player as the leader in cross-platform video playback. While JW5.9 includes numerous enhancements & bug fixes, the three most exciting features are:

HTML5 is now the default playback mode on Android Devices
After Adobe announced that they would stop developing their Flash Player for Android devices in November 2011, we refocused our Android support on HTML5 mode. As a result, HTML5 will be the default playback mode moving forward.

Cleaner User Interface on iOS Devices
We’ve taken a number of steps to clean up the way the player looks and behaves, focusing on iOS playback. Enhancements include:

Player preview image now fades in when player loads
Video is not displayed until it is sized correctly and ready to play
The buffering icon appears on the iPad while video is loading
Saved Volume in HTML5 Mode.
In HTML5 mode, the player now saves the user’s volume settings. When a user returns to any page on your site where the JW Player is embedded, the player will be configured with the same volume or mute state as their last visit.
Note: Not supported on iPhone/iPad due to technical limitations of iOS.
There are many other improvements which are listed on our developer site
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JW Player Plugin.

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